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The special little chakra manual that combines yoga, meditation and psychology.

Author: Katharina Middendorf
Book (Hardcover): 144 pages
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3833859830
ISBN-13: 978-3-8338-5983-0
Dimensions: 8.9 × 14.7 cm


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The small chakra handbook is dedicated to the ancient Far Eastern teachings of the human energy centers in a modern way suitable for everyday life. The author concentrates on the life themes that are also assigned to the chakras in yoga philosophy, such as trust (1st chakra), sensuality (2nd chakra), vitality (3rd chakra), empathy (4th chakra), clarity (5th chakra), intuition (6th chakra) and spirituality (7th chakra). She explains how strengths and weaknesses in the different chakras show up, especially on the psychological level, or what we can do to balance them in our daily lives as well. In addition, she offers strengthening or harmonizing meditations and small yoga exercise series for each chakra. Appealing illustrations make this handbook also an ideal gift.


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