By essence one means the most real aspect
or the substance of something.

It is the essence that makes something
what is it.

When we begin to understand essence,
does this mean that we start
to see through our illusions.

Planet Essentials
Chakra Essentials
5 Elements Essentials
Inspiration Planet Essentials

each zodiac sign is ruled by a planet!
Find out what properties are associated with it,
can help you understand yourself better and
Developing solutions for your life tasks.

Our planet essences invite you to let yourself in
and allow you to resonate with the universe…

Inspiration Chakra Essentials

According to the seven CHAKRAS and their colors, the DORISSIMA d1 – d7 Body & Massage Oils developed and matched with the appropriate healing essential oils. Color is energy: will be absorbed by the eyes, the skin and the energy centers (chakras) in the body. Colors and aromas affect body, mind and soul. Each of the seven chakra colors has its own character, embodies a certain aspect of life and has a very special effect on psyche and soul. All ingredients of the DORISSIMA d1 – d7 line are pure natural products: Nourishing oils, natural aromatic essences and natural colors – This makes DORISSIMA one of the few providers of genuine natural cosmetics.

All the ingredients of the DORISSIMA d1 – d7 line are purely natural products: Nourishing oils, natural aroma essences and natural colors – this makes DORISSIMA one of the few suppliers of genuine natural cosmetics.

Inspiration 5 Elements Essentials

In the sense of a – holistic – point of view BALANCE by DORISSIMA 5 ELEMENTS is based on the fundamental principles of Ayurveda To create harmony and balance body, mind and soul, to maintain well-being and vitality are the goal.