It has taken her over two years, but Doris “DORISSIMA” Brugger has finally developed her innovative and exceptional spa line, DORISSIMA d1 – d7. This range of products is a fusion of absolute naturalness, spirituality, sensuality and pure luxury.

With an holistic approach to body, mind and soul, DORISSIMA d1 – d7 Body & Massage Oils, DORISSIMA d1 – d7 Beauty Packs and d1 – d7 Herbal Teas don’t just care. Theirs is an overall holistic effect promoted through the use of perfumes, aromas and colours in particular. All the ingredients in the DORISSIMA d1 – d7 spa line are pure natural products: nourishing oils, natural aroma essences and natural colourings. This makes DORISSIMA one of the few providers of truly natural cosmetic products.

DORISSIMA d1 – d7 Body & Massage Oils are used in hotel spas, day spas and wellness resorts, but can also be used as “home spa” products teamed with harmonising DORISSIMA d1 – d1 teas and DORISSIMA d1 – d7 beauty packs.

The sensual and holistic aspects and effects of the DORISSIMA d1 – d7 line:

The d1 – d7 oils are based on natural oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil and sunflower oil.

Colour is energy. It is absorbed into the body through the eyes, the skin and the energy centres (chakra). Colour affects body, mind and soul. Each of the seven chakra colours has its own character, embodies a different aspect of life and has a very special effect on the psyche and soul. The DORISSIMA d1 – d7 Body & Massage Oils were developed in line with these seven colours and individually harmonised with the corresponding healing essential oils for body, mind and soul. Only natural colourings of plant origin are used. Perfumes and fragrances play an important role in sensory perception and therefore our health. Smells arouse associations and emotions, both positive and negative. Fragrances can be used to control how we feel: Essential oils affect the brain through the olfactory receptors. The olfactory or “smell” brain then stimulates neighbouring brain centres that produce hormones and control emotions.

In addition to their role in sensory perception, aromas also have healing properties. Fragrance essences have always been used as a remedy in natural medicine. Inhaling fragrances was the original therapy used in natural medicine. Nowadays we know that the ingredients are also effective when taken in through the skin. The natural aroma essences used in DORISSIMA d1 – d7 Body & Massage Oils (aromas such as mandarin, neroli, fennel, aniseed, ginger, ylang ylang, frankincense, vanilla and many more) stimulate and support the immune system. Not only that but they can also have a harmonising, stimulating, confidence boosting or calming effect. So you will always find the right “elixir” for every individual state of mind among the d1 – d7 Body & Massage Oils by DORISSIMA.

Essential oils have a direct effect and can be used for physical healing. They contain innumerable active ingredients that can help combat bacteria, fungi and even viruses. Some essential oils have antibiotic properties. Perfume concentrates aren’t just made using flowers such as roses. Essential oil essences can also be extracted from various woods and fruits. Many plants and plant parts roots, stems or flowers contain essential oils where they act as hormones, regulators and catalysts. Hundreds of pounds of plant material are often needed for just one pound of essential oil. That’s why the truly essential oils used in DORISSIMA products are particularly precious. Only 100 per cent pure, certified essential oils are used in DORISSIMA d1 – d7 Body & Massage Oils.

d1 red

Tangerine, Neroli, Rose, Honey


„I let go and relax. My goals: Power, vitality, stamina, staying power and assertiveness.“.

Relax massage with the d1 Body Oil plus vitamin C ampoule, focusing on the first energy centre. Body wrap with the d1 Beauty Pack, relaxation with the d1 Herbaltea.

d2 orange

Ylang Ylang, Orange, Lemongras, Coriander


„I let go and relax. My goals: Body awareness, vitality, joy of living and enthusiasm?“

Relax massage with the d2 Body Oil, focusing the second energy centre. Body wrap with the d2 Beauty Pack, relaxation with the d2 Herbaltea.

d3 yellow

Incense, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla


„I let go and relax. My goals: Leaving unnecessary burdens behind me, increasing self-confidence and spontaneity.“

Application of special base salts plus the d3 Body Oil on the lymph areas. Resting, massaging the mixture into the skin, focusing on the third energy centre. Application of the d3 Beauty Pack including body wrap. Massage with the Dorissima Oxgen Lotion, relaxation with the d3 Herbaltea.

d4 green

Vanilla, Lavender, Ginger, Grapefruit, Mint


„I let go and relax. My goals: Love, warmth, tolerance, creativity, self-confidence and spontaneity.“

Relax with Dorissima Body Peeling, massaging Dorissima Body Marin Fluids into the skin. Application of Dorissima Body Marin Pack for added moisture. After cleansing, massage with the d4 Body Oil, focusing on the fourth energy centre. Foot reflexology massage to stimulate heart and lungs, relaxation with the d4 Herbaltea.

d5 blue

Orange, Carrot, Anise, Fennel, Vitamin Complex


„I let go and relax. My goals: Communicative powers, concentration and rational thinking.“

Application of special base salts plus the d5 Body Oil on the lymph areas. Resting, treatment of the base salt / oil mixture with the vacuum styler to remove waste products from the body. Massage with the d5 Body Oil plus Dorissima Oxygen Vital Body Lotion, focusing on the fifth energy centre.
Relaxation with the d5 Herbaltea.

d6 indigo

Angelica, Lavender, Camomile, Rose


„I let go and relax: My goals: Intuition, creative power, spiritual awareness and imagination power.“

Hot stone treatment, similar to acupuncture, to activate special points, focusing on the sixth energy centre. Hot stone massage with the d6 Body Oil, which has been enriched with lavender essences. Relaxation with the d6 Herbaltea.

d7 purple

Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Incense, Myrte, Patchouli


I let go and relax. My goals: Understanding of myself and forward thinking.“

The royal Lomi Lomi massage with the d7 Body Oil, focusing on the seventh energy centre. Head acupressure treatment with the d7 Body Oil. Relaxation with the d7 Beauty Pack and the d7 Herbaltea.