“The Vision and concept of DORISSIMA was developed by Doris Brugger. A woman who is at home in the world of art and fashion. She lives innovation – always reinventing herself.”

Doris Brugger spent over a decade in the glamorous fashion world working as the PR-Responsible for the German market with her close friend and mentor, the late Gianni Versace, who named her “Dorissima”. Following his untimely death, she left her duties in Germany and found herself travelling the world.

As a leading PR-Lady, Doris – like most of her friends and colleagues – suffered from constant stress and the never-ending scenario of too much to do in too little time. Deadlines, working round the clock and travelling were taking their toll and Doris began to feel run down and exhausted, especially after the loss of her friend and mentor.

“I realised I had to do something to regain my equilibrium beyond simply eating healthily and going to the gym. Travelling around after Gianni’s death, I met a woman in Sri Lanka, who taught met the secrets of using natural, aromatic oils in body products and I was hooked.
So I began to explore the world of complementary healing, the benefits of massage and took up yoga and meditation. I began to feel absolutely fantastic and realised the relevance of Eastern systems of wellbeing for Western consumers.”

Doris “Dorissima” Brugger released her first scented body oil Aphrodite and an all-natural beauty line in 2002, which lead to a meeting with Italian perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi. Inspired by her meeting with the master perfumer, she returned to Germany and set out to create fragrances based on pure natural ingredients: Dorissima Goldmund and Dorissima Narziß. Followed by the Parfum Oil Siddhartha.

With specific expertise in Ayurveda, issues of holistic living and inner beauty as well as being an avid practitioner of yoga herself, Doris believes these ancient and natural systems of wellbeing have much to offer in today’s fast paced, stressful society.

Two more years of extensive research and development, Doris is launching a new line of highly sophisticated body & massage oils. The line – named Dorissima d1 – d7 body & massage oil – consists in seven absolutely natural body & massage oils in seven colours, referring to the seven Chakra colours:

After another two years of intensive research and development, Doris Brugger is now releasing a series of precious body and massage oils. This series called „Dorissima d1 – d7 Body & Massage Oils“ consists of seven absolutely natural body and massage oils in seven different colors, which are assigned to the seven chakra colors:

Colour Affimation
d1: Red Power, stamina and assertiveness
d2: Orange Joy of living, vitality and enthusiasm
d3: Yellow Spontaneity, empathy and self-confidence
d4: Green Tolerance, creativity and self-esteem
d5: Blue Communicative powers, concentration and rational thinking
d6: Indigo Intuition and imagination
d7: Purple Understanding of myself and forward thinking

The products are all made of natural oils like Jojoba oil, essential oils like grapefruit, lemon, vanilla, pautchouli, neroli, rose, tangerine, ylang-ylang, etc., and natural colours – 100 % nature.

According to the d1 – d7 body & massage oils there will be d1 – d7 beauty packs, which will be launched at the end of March 2006. The line is completed by the d1 – d7 natural teas, based on natural herbs, fruits and white tea.

This line is perfect for high class spas and the use at home for sophisticated personalities.

The temporary highlight of DORISSIMA is 2005 the development of the new luxury line: DORISSIMA SIDDHARTHA SPA LINE. A complete, most containing luxury care line, with natural essentials, which Doris experienced and learnt in India.

2010, thru an encounter with NOREIA Flower-Essentials, Doris Brugger succeeded parallel to the insisting DORISSIMA d1 – d7 Line, which is based on Chakras, to enhance the Concept. She included those wonderful alpine essentials in the consisting oils and it came into being a rank of beautifully and brilliant oils:

DORISSIMA d1 – d7 ORGANIC ALPS“ war geboren und wurde auch gleich im März mit dem „GALA SPA AWARD“ 2011 ausgezeichnet.

This Line was followed by a third in 2012, to complete the trilogy: „DORISSIMA d1– d7 ORGANIC GEMS“


d1 Rubin
d2 Bernstein
d3 Rutilquarz
d4 Smaragd
d5 Labislazuli
d6 Saphire
d7 Diamant

In 2016 Doris Brugger created a project that has been close to her heart for a long time. In 2015 she didn’t have the time to do it, but upon request it was realized in 2016 and was a complete success.

A new brand was born:


Five holistic vegan body oils – based on ayurvedic principles
they are the beginning of a new  DORISSIMA philosophy.

All DORISSIMA products reflect Doris view of life:
Felinity/Sensuality: The natural seductiveness and sensuality that is inherent to every woman (and man) should be emphasized naturally
Agelessness: The philosophy of life is not aimed at a certain age group and knows no age limit
Open-Mindedness: Be open and interested in everything that is new and make this the essence of your own style
Patristic Luxury: Luxury is not “gold and glamour” – it is having the time to indulge in exclusive materials, to withdraw from the flood of stimuli in everyday life and to give in to enjoyable, basic sensuality
New Way of Life: Return to the original, inherent strength which is your very own and the strongest oasis of tranquillity
Independence: Go your way; be determined without being egoistic or egocentric
Flexibility: Be flexible without betraying your principles but go your way

“My vision for DORISSIMA has been to inspire others to take control of their own wellbeing and to encourage them to make holistic rituals with pure and natural products part of their everyday regime. To help them rediscover what it´s like to feel relaxed, stress-free, and simply themselves once again – this is what I call pure and true luxury.”