Bio Sugar Soap Baby-Mild


Includes 19% MwSt.
( 14,90 / 100 ml)
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Developed for sensitive baby skin, this soap is a faithful companion for anybody whose skin needs extra care, so it’s ideal for allergy-sufferers or those with ultra-sensitive skin. That’s why we haven’t included any essential oils as fragrances. The organic cane sugar is a fantastic moisturizer and gives this product its beautifully creamy, caramel-colored texture. It also contains organic shikakai extract from the seed pods of the Southeast Asian Acacia concinna which has already been used in India for millennia as a gentle Ayurvedic treatment for skin and hair. That’s what makes our organic Sugar Soap the perfect, nurturing cleanser for your whole body.

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The base recipe for our organic Sugar Soap consists of entirely organic coconut, olive, palm kernel, hemp and jojoba oils. Our Sugar Soap is without synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, synthetic foaming agents or thickeners packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle. The velvety foam is produced through a special mix of natural ingredients that has evolved out of Dr. Bronner’s 150 years of experience. We use only the finest organic oils for our soaps and their Fair Trade standards are regularly reviewed by the respected Swiss certification company, IMO. With Dr. Bronner’s you can help every day to make the world a little better. “We are All-One or None”.


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