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The best-selling yoga standard work – completely new and even more inspiring. Author: Anna Trökes Book (Hardcover): 312 pages Language: German

ISBN-10: 3833870893 ISBN-13: 978-3-8338-7089-7 Dimensions: 22 × 27.6 cm

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The great yoga book by Anna Trökes, one of the most distinguished yoga teachers in the German-speaking world, has been the standard work for all those who are intensively involved with yoga for two decades. This unique book offers a comprehensive insight into yoga – from history and philosophy to the basics of practice and complex asanas, movement sequences, pranayamas and meditations. For the new edition, it has been expanded by about 100 pages, completely revised and equipped with about 400 new, opulent photos. Anna Trökes has incorporated her experiences from 10 more years on the yoga path with herself, her teachers and students, and has supplemented the book with a lot of information on important topics such as nutrition, breathing as well as fascia training for yogis. The new edition is therefore not only worthwhile for newcomers, but also for all those who have been working with this standard work for a long time.


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