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Maximum glow, minimum effort! The first guide to natural cosmetics DIY with only 3 ingredients. Author: Anita Bechloch Book (Hardcover): 128 pages Language: German

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Now natural cosmetics DIY is easier than ever! In this Glow book, Anita Bechloch shows quick, easy and inexpensive recipes with a maximum of 3 ingredients. For newcomers, this is an ideal introduction to do-it-yourself healthy and sustainable natural cosmetics. Of course, the recipes cover the entire range of products that you need for your daily care, from facial care, body and hair care products to products for the bathroom and wellness day. Thanks to the reduced number of ingredients, all products are suitable for the whole family, including pregnant women, babies and children. And for those who like to experiment and individualize, there are tips and suggestions for each recipe to add to or vary. So there is guaranteed to be the right recipe for Easy Glow for everyone!


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