HEILSAM KOCHEN MIT AYURVEDAvon Prof. Dr. med. Dietrich Grönemeyer u.a.


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Germany’s best-known holistic physician and the most famous Ayurvedic chef now bring the first nutritional cookbook on Ayurveda. Author: Prof. Dr. med. Dietrich Grönemeyer, Volker Mehl Book (hardcover): 240 pages Language: German

ISBN-10: 3833873159 ISBN-13: 978-3-8338-7315-7 Dimensions: 22 × 27 cm

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Professor Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer is passionately committed to holistic medicine. Here he describes his path to Ayurveda and builds the bridge to Western science. Together with the renowned chef and nutrition expert Volker Mehl, he vividly explains the importance of nutrition in the millennia-old healing art. He shows how foods work in the body and how Ayurveda can help us – often even when conventional medicine is at a loss. The large recipe section offers 84 simple but extremely refined dishes that tickle the palate and get the self-healing powers going. True to the motto: No prohibitions, but plenty of holistic enjoyment!


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