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Understanding. Forgiveness. New beginnings: bestselling author Veit Lindau’s inspiring call for gender reconciliation.

Author: Veit Lindau
Book (Hardcover): 272 pages
Language: German

ISBN-10: 3833877170
ISBN-13: 978-3-8338-7717-9
Dimensions: 14.2 × 21.8 cm

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The upcoming challenges of humanity – individually and collectively – can only be solved by a new, more conscious co-creation of the sexes.
Couples can break from crises, men and women can grind forever at old wounds, or they can reach into a completely new dimension of honesty, intimacy and WE-power. For this it is very important to deal attentively and curiously with the awakened light (solidarity, hope, love), but also with the shadow (old wounds, unresolved conflicts, contempt),
unresolved conflicts, contempt).

Genesis makes a provocative yet healing contribution to gender reconciliation and liberation. What the feminism debate and #metoo have achieved so far is not the end, but only the beginning.
Veit Lindau explores the myth of the opposites of men and women, relentlessly exposes wounds on both sides and invites forgiveness. He illuminates ways in which both sexes can develop their unique potential even more. For every man carries feminine parts and every woman masculine, which must be brought into balance. To reconcile these forces and at the same time celebrate them in their individual beauty is the mission of Genesis.

Veit Lindau offers a common, living path for both sides by providing solutions for man and woman and “gender” in general. He shows how both sides can be united, because in the conscious integration of both gender poles within us we release an enormously powerful source of creativity from which both sides can only benefit.

  • Opposites of man and woman explored
  • separate chapter on the LGBTQ+ community and the concept of gender in general
  • many approaches for a relationship at eye level

Veit Lindau is considered a leading expert for integral potential development in German-speaking countries. He sees himself as a modern mystic and game changer. The credo of his work is: “You die. Begin to live.”
He brings 30 years of experience in counseling and training and is also co-founder of the Life Trust Academy and the Life Trust Coaching Community with currently around 120,000 members.
He is passionate about writing books about the central themes of his work – success, self-knowledge, calling and relationships. Many of them are SPIEGEL bestsellers (Genesis, Marry Yourself, Go Crazy) and have now been translated into seven languages. He also received the Coaching Award for his books.


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