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An autobiographical narrative by Dorissima’s founder, Doris Brugger.

Autor: Doris Brugger
Buch (Hardcover): 175 Seiten
Language: deutsch
ISBN-13: 978-3-7529-8547-4

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Everything turned out differently than planned … Instead of on the opera stage, I danced through life and death watched. Death has always been part of my life. At school I waited for an education lesson about death, something like sex education. But that didn’t come. And whenever I broached this topic, I was immediately interrupted. I felt like you were afraid to talk about it and people acted like they would live forever.

I was not a child of sadness. Probably one day I’ll walk away with him hand in hand and announce: Today I’ll be gone – just as I sat down at the age of 22 and proclaimed: Today I’m going to have my son …

But I still have a lot of tasks to master and will definitely do a lot more, because as I said: I am not a child of sadness!


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