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Germany’s best-known holistic physician and the most famous Ayurvedic chef now bring the first nutritional cookbook on Ayurveda. Author: Dr. Katharina Tempel Book (Hardcover): 192 pages Language:German

ISBN-10: 3833870419 ISBN-13: 978-3-8338-7041-5 Dimensions: 13.9 × 19.5 cm

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This book can change our relationship with ourselves forever. Those who have been more concerned about others than themselves, those who are exhausted and stressed out and constantly falling short, can now breathe a sigh of relief. The cure is called self-love in action.
Katharina Tempel, known on YouTube and through her blog “Glücksdetektiv,” shows the individual steps to get there: first, we have to give ourselves permission to treat ourselves as lovingly and mindfully as we do our children or our best friend. Then it’s about finding ways out of overwhelm, dissolving negative thoughts about ourselves, forgiving ourselves for mistakes from the past, and turning to our own needs and taking them seriously. Because only in this way can we find our way back to our inner and outer resources that make us strong.
Practicing self-love every day means more than taking a bubble bath on the weekend. It means renewing our relationship with ourselves from the ground up and creating a life in which we can flourish. This book shows you the way there – through numerous loving thoughts, exercises and practical tips.


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